‘Turning the Tide: Establishing Spiritual Care in General Practice’

The Association of Chaplains in General Practice is pleased to announce that their conference ‘Turning the Tide: Establishing Spiritual Care in General Practice’ is taking place on 10th January 2019, at the University of Birmingham Medical Centre.

This one day conference will consider issues such as

  • Why has there been such resistance to the concept of spiritual care being part of modern scientific healthcare?
  • Are there examples of spiritual care actually being part of the holistic care which General Practice aspires to offer? If so has it been shown to be of value and how is it organised?
  • Since 2015 Chaplaincy in General Practice has been recognised as part of the range of Chaplaincy in UK, but what kinds of people provide this service and how can their work be accredited by professional standards?

The day will also create the opportunity to learn from those actively involved in offering spiritual care in British General Practice.

For further details and to register your interest please visit the University of Birmingham events page. (Web).

We hope the event is of interest to you, and please forward the details to any of your colleagues who may wish to attend.

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