To all members: Are you getting emails from CHCC?

Many members are reporting that they are not receiving emails from CHCC. There are several reasons why this might be the case and I want to draw your attention to the possibilities and what you can do to rectify this situation should you wish to receive them.

Reasons why you may not be receiving emails.

  • Your email has changed and UNITE has not been advised of the new one.

Have you recently changed your personal email?
If you use your work email it could be that you have changed employers or have migrated over to without letting
UNITE know. This will mean emails cannot reach you.

Did you know that you can manage your own details through registering an account on the UNITE website?  Go to to manage your details.

  • Your mailing preferences state that you do not wish to receive emails.

GDPR regulations prevent UNITE emailing you when your preferences are recorded to the contrary.

As with the previous example you can manage your own preferences through registering an account on the UNITE website (

  • You are a UNITE member but have inadvertently been assigned to your workplace or other branch or never initially been assigned to the CHCC branch.

Experience tells us that many members have fallen into this category. UNITE regions have in error, in the past, reassigned members to workplace branches not realising that members joined to be in the CHCC national branch. Your membership card should show the CHCC branch code of LE/0202M. If there is another branch code, then it is almost certainly the case that you have been put into another branch and will not receive CHCC mailings.

Unlike the previous examples, you will not be able to change your branch through your ‘myunite’ account. Please contact me on

As with all cases please do contact the me if you are unable to rectify the situation.


Lance Sharpe

(CHCC Registrar)

6 thoughts on “To all members: Are you getting emails from CHCC?”

  1. I am trying to access my account. My e-mail has changed. Chaplain working at St Mary’s hospital Isle of Wight

  2. Hello – I’m also trying to access the Members Area of the website. I’ve clicked on Forgot Password? and entered my email address – it says that an email has been sent to me but nothing has arrived. I’ve checked and I’m definitely using the email I signed up with. Thanks for your help.

  3. Hi there,

    I’m wanting to update my email address but can’t find a way of doing so. Can you advise me how to go about it?


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