Chaplaincy Research (CHURN)

The research network group consciously reformed itself back in October 2013 with a study day entitled, Rekindling the Flame. It was a great success and Steve Nolan wrote a full report of that day for the professional journal. Vol 1, No 2 (2013) – Conference Report : Research in Chaplaincy – A Day to Rekindle the Flame!

CHURN held another study day in October 2014 where the topic of chaplaincy outcomes was addressed. This was in response to the leading editorial that had emerged from some of the international chaplaincy figures at the beginning of 2014.   Again we are indebted to Steve Nolan for chronicling that day for everyone’s benefit.  Vol 2, No 2 (2014) – Conference Report , Chaplaincy Outcomes – What the Future Looks Like?

The Research Network Group operates an international Research Database and interactive discussion group which is funded by the University of Leeds and the Leeds Teaching Hospitals as well as the College of Health Care Chaplains.