CHCC Conference 2020

Dear Member

I am pleased to confirm that we are now taking booking for our CHCC Conference in October.

Healthcare Chaplaincy Conference – Together in the time of COVID-19: Sharing, Learning & Reflecting.

Whilst we cannot meet in person as we had planned in Durham this year, we still have a chance to meet and learn together for two afternoons , October 20th and 21st. (12-30 till 3-30)

I have to express my deep thanks to the small organising team who have worked hard to get this together- and to the team at Unite Health who will help with the logisitics.

I hope that many of you will be able to take this opportunity to join together, learn from each other and also gain 9 CPD points (if we do the reading around)

I will share more about the content and idea behind the conference at a later date- but I wanted everyone to have the chance to book their place ASAP. Apart from helping your diary, this will also allow us to know how many facilitators we will need for our small group sessions.

In order to book- you need to visit the Eventbrite site: more details are on the poster.  Download the poster here.


Do I need to be a member?

No, but there is a £12 charge to non-members – (simply to help cover the cost of CPD registration and minor expenses). Members and non-members are all very welcome.

Why is it free this year?

We have few of the overheads of a residential conference, and we want to remove all barriers that we can to attendance in these extraordinary times, so we will  absorb the costs. Unite in Health are also providing us with the online conference tools and support at no cost to the College. Details of how to log in will be sent after you are registered.

Who can attend?

The conference is intended for active Healthcare Chaplains (and Honorary Chaplains). It will be enriched by those who bring their experience of chaplaincy during covid 19 to the conference (including those who were required to shield). We understand that it may also be valuable for some specialist volunteers, Social Care Chaplains and students on their PGCert, for example. We are not encouraging teams to invite ALL their volunteers, for example, as this could impact on the nature of the small group reflections. Do pass on the poster to those who you feel would benefit.

How do I get CPD points?

In order to get 9 CPD points- you will need to attend both days, actively engage in discussion and do at least one hour of the recommended pre-reading (details later). It is quite possible to attend and not claim these points. The UKBHC will ask for a short impact statement when you record the points on your annual return, and reserve the right to confirm attendance with CHCC.

Who is the keynote speaker?

The Revd Dr Iain Macritchie is a well respected figure in Chaplaincy, both in Scotland and beyond as well as a deeply reflective thinker on the nature of our Profession. Following periods in Chaplaincy ‘on the ground’- he is now Programme Director for Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care with NHS Education for Scotland. He was also appointed lead Chaplain at ‘NHS Louisa Jordan’, Scotland’s temporary Covid-19 field hospital.

How do I ‘attend virtually’?

Those who have attended such online conferences before will know how simple it can be. Critical steps are 1) setting aside the time in you diary in a robust way as you would if you were traveling to a real location, 2) making sure you have planned access to a quiet place and the right kit (a smartphone in a quiet room is fine- a laptop with headphones is even better) and 3) have a flask or snack handy!

Why 2 half days?

Attending online events can be surprisingly tiring if you are fully engaged- and a full day straight is very draining indeed. Also, we wanted to ensure members of smaller teams could still deliver services and enable attendance.

I do hope you are able to attend.

All the best,


Dr. Simon Harrison Tssf
President, College of Health Care Chaplains

6 thoughts on “CHCC Conference 2020”

  1. Do members also pay £12 if not, how do we register as the Evenbright address only seems to offer the £12 route.
    Thank you for your help,

    • Hi

      Thanks for your query

      If you go to Eventbrite – select “tickets”. Then type “member” in the promo code box and free tickets will appear. Select one of them and unselect the £12 one. Then you can proceed and quote your CHCC membership number and get the free ticket.

      Best wishes

  2. I am having problems booking via ebrite. I have had several attempts but at the last hurdle the site fails to let me confirm my booking. Has anyone else had this problem? Thank you

    • We are not aware of any problem with the Eventbrite ticketing. Sorry you are having problems. Please can you check that your browser is not blocking any scripts or cookies.

  3. I had similar problems. Eventbrite booking would not allow me to deselect the £12 ticket. I sent a request for help but didn’t get a reply so missed the conference. I booked from work so can’t change any settings.
    Hopefully can catch up here, but it looks as if the Eventbrite site may have some glitches to be addressed for the next set of bookings.


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